Friday, August 4, 2017

iPad Screen Repair Solutions for any 2017 model iPad

iPad Screen Repair solutions for 2017 iPads

iPad Screen Repair for 2017
iPad Screen Repair for 2017
iPad Screen Repair choices in the market today are better than ever. And based on the August 2017 report from Apple's Steve Cook on a resurgence in iPad Sales, the demand for iPad Screen repair of all models including the new 2017 iPads are likely to be in high demand.

Coming from Apple Park in Cupertino, Steve Cook announced rosy earnings numbers for Apple's 2nd Quarter 2017. This is a company that has sales of over $45 Billion in a single quarter (that's up 7% from Apple's quarter a year earlier. And much of the good news was around the iPad, for which sales have been surging again. For the iPad, 11.4 million units were moved, a 15 per cent jump, year on year, and the first year-on-year sales increase since 2014.

But with surging sales, will most definitely come surging iPad Screen repair needs again. iPads are made of glass-screens and metal housing... meaning they have no natural shock-absorbing materials in the design or casing of the iPad iOS Devices. When users drop, crack, shatter, or otherwise inflict damage on the glass screen on the iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, or iPad mini... they have a decision to make of hot to approach the repair of a cracked iPad Screen.

There are options. But when selecting an iPad Screen Repair company, the marketplace has choices. Retail Apple Stores around the USA, like the Apple Store in Mission Viejo and others in Orange County California are one approach to iPad screen repair. Apple does not exactly repair the screen of the iPad Screen, they fix the issues by completely replacing the broken iPad itself. This typically means giving the Apple folks your shattered iPad screen and receiving a new iPad in exchange. You may have a fee or deductible due for the iPad screen repair, but it's actually not warranty work... typically it's user-caused iPad screen repair damage and they don't cover it free.

iPad Screen Repairs in Orange CountyOther iPad Screen repair options include going to independent shops like RepairZoom or others for a true and high quality repair of the iPad screen. The cracked iPad screen would be changed and repaired. This means the expert technicians at RepairZoom will remove and replace the screen with an original quality replacement screen. The time it takes is about 1 hour or less, and it comes with a one year warranty to back up the repairs on the fixed iPad screen.

The pros and cons of the two approaches to iPad screen repairs depends on your views on the best way to fix things like this. Apple's iPad Repair will take a bit more time... but you will essentially have a new or refurbished iPad at the end. If you go with an independent iPad repair shop like RepairZoom in Irvine, you are more likely to get a high quality like-new iPad repair, but you will also still have all of your data, apps, videos, photos, and other features that are already installed in the iOS of your iPad. This makes life a bit easier as you don't have to worry about losing any photos or information in the process. It's not that difficult, but both approaches recommend doing an iCloud backup before the repairs, just to be sure that you don't have unexpected or unwanted data loss.

iPad Screen Repair 2017

While this is the best advice for iPad screen repair, the same type of advice is applicable to iPhone screen repair or even MacBook repair or MacBook Pro repair. Both the Apple stores and outside third party repair companies like RepairZoom in Irvine have excellent solutions out there and available for you to choose.

We also suggest that you fix a cracked iPad screen as soon as possible. Broken iPads can be dangerous and cut you whether you are a student, businessperson, or consumer using the iPad or iPad Pro. As for pricing, you can get the newest iPad Pro 2017 screen repair for about $100. No additional cost for the screen repair warranty.

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