Monday, March 13, 2017

MacBook Pro Repair Updates for 2017

MacBook Pro Repair Updates for 2017

The MacBook Pro Repair and iPhone repair updates for 2017 are significant as the MacBook Pro has recently gone a major upgrade by Apple.  The popular computers for business, personal, and travel have long been a favorite for their sleek designs, Intel processors, and best of breed software applications.  The brilliant engineering and software teams at Apple have figured out how to be the worlds most valuable company by always owning the software.  They regularly farm-out the commoditized guts of there devices to third parties... but they always own the software.  Brilliant, right?

In the case of the new MacBook Pro, the device is anchored by a new operating system called OS X Sierra.  This operating system even further integrates the seamless and blended interactions between iPhones, iPads, AppleTV, iPods and the entire Apple family of connected devices running on the OS platforms ad the iOS platforms.  The features such as iMessage, FaceTime, and Photos now seamlessly integrate anchored by Apple's web platform called iCloud.  Tim Cook and the Apple team in Cupertino are investing heavily in the iCloud platform which will power the future of iTunes and the connected Internet world of Apple.

So the new MacBook Pros introduced a lot of new features, while keeping virtually the same looking sleek metal structure of the device.  The biggest new feature is the TouchBar on the MacBook Pro - and more on that later.  But for now, here's the highlight reel of the new Apple MacBook Pro.

New MacBook Pro Features:

  • Touch Bar
  • Connected to iCloud running Mac OS X Sierra
  • Thinner Body
  • OLED Touch Panel
  • Thunderbolt 3
  • USB-C connection Ports
  • USB 3.1 Gen 2 10Gb/s support
  • Touch ID fingerprint scanner
  • 13 and 15 Inch sizes
  • New colors - rose gold, silver, space grey, gold
When it comes to MacBook Pro Repair on the new devices, the biggest new issue is the exciting new Touch Bar.  This diverse and uniquely Apple innovation, enable new features to dynamically change and completely replaces the F function keys on the MacBook.  Apple has determined that the obsolete function keys needed an update, and boldly decided to replace them with the Touch Bar.  At this early stage, most software Applications developed by Apple have found a use for the Touch Bar, but outside of Apple few developers have yet integrated the TouchBar technology.  Adobe is an outlier as they have developed Touch Bar functions under their Adobe suite such as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

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