Sunday, August 2, 2015

MacBook Pro Repair - Best repair locations in Orange County

MacBook Pro Repair in Orange County

Many people ask us all the time about MacBook and MacBook Pro repairs. So we decided to create a place to answer questions for those seeking advice. If you live in Orange County Irvine Lake Forest, Laguna Beach, or surrounding communities, this blog is a great place to get advice on Mac and Macbook repairs.

We will try to answer:  What are the most common MacBook and MacBook Pro repair is needed? What is the best place to go in Irvine in orange county for Mac and MacBook Pro repairs? And how much do the most common Apple Computers Mac and Mac book Pro repairs cost in Orange County?

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What are the most common Mac and MacBook Pro repair is needed?

Similar to iPhones and iPads, MacBooks and MacBook Pros can suffer physical damage. The most common of these are MacBook Pro screen repairs, needed as a result of drops and falls. Many people travel with their MacBook laptop computers frequently on airplanes and have the bags shoved into overhead compartments that contain their computers. Sometimes these fall out and the MacBook gets dropped shattering MacBook LED screen.  Sometimes the trackpad, or the keyboard, or even the front camera can get damaged. The metal casing on top can get dented easily, and the ports that connect your MacBook to the charging adapter can also stop working.  All of these hardware repairs for the Mac and Mac book Pro are common and needed frequently in the high paced community of Orange County.

If any of these calamities happened to your computer, where is the best place to go in Orange County to get a MacBook pro repair? The obvious starting place for many people is the Apple Store. Orange county has five different Apple stores from South Coast Plaza all the way down to the Apple Store Mission Viejo. You can make an appointment at the Apple Store Genius Bar and they can quickly give you an estimate as to how much it will cost to replace your computer with it's broken parts. But be prepared. It will be very expensive if you go through Apple. After you get this first quote, you might want to seek out a second opinion from an independent MacBook repair company in orange county.  RepairZoom in Irvine is well known for having the highest quality repairs equal in quality to Apple. But the difference here is that the prices are usually one half of what they would cost at Apple for the exact same repair using the exact same quality of parts. And all of the repairs at RepairZoom come with an included six month warranty. It's also likely that the repairs will be finished more quickly at Repair Zoom than they would if you gave it to Apple.

Many people remember that repair resume, which has been around for many years, is the county's leading company for iPad and iPhone repair. But they now also offer repairs on maps and MacBook Pros giving the same low prices in high-quality of repairs and service. They are definitely worth checking out before proceeding exclusively with Apple or another repair company.  And yes, they still offer their world famous mail order service for those that live outside of orange county.

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How much do Mac and MacBook Pro repairs cost?

We always hate to put absolute prices in something as fluid as a blog since prices tend to go up or down so frequently for online shopping.  To check the prices at Apple it is always best to call them or go to a Genius Bar to get an appointment.  To check the prices that repairzoom, you can always log on to their website to get their most current prices, some of which are generally going down. For the screen repairs on the MacBook pros, you can expect something much much cheaper than what Apple would cost.  There are also a few other mail order service is out there that many people enjoy using. All of their prices are generally posted online as well. If the website doesn't post the prices, you can always call the local vendor to give you their price. But be careful as the repair industry is notorious for bidding low and charging higher prices at the end.  If a local company won't post their prices online, it may be a signal that there is some gamesmanship going on.

So that's it. The common repairs needed for Apple computers are similar to the repairs that are needed for iPhones and iPads. The glass breaks in the hardware bricks. You also have some good local options in orange county and Irvine for iMac and MacBook Pro repairs. And the prices are generally less expensive if you go to an independent company rather than going to the Apple Store directly.